About Me

I'm Dennis Gosnell. I'm a programmer living in Tokyo, Japan. I'm currently interested in category theory, functional programming, and all things Linux. This blog will mostly be about those topics.

I have time available for consultation or freelance work related to Haskell, functional programming, web services, distributed systems, or software architecture. Feel free to email me at the address below with questions or proposals.

I'm currently working at ARoW Co., Ltd. I'm coding web applications in Haskell and Purescript. I'm currently using a combination of Servant and Persistent on the backend. The frontend is using Halogen.

I am also consulting at XCompass. I am working on a product containing a machine learning pipeline to be used in manufacturing environments. The machine learning pipeline is written in Haskell, and it is making extensive use of the accelerate library.

Previously I worked at F@N Communications, coding the backend of A8.net in Scala. I also moved a large portion of the infrastructure from ad-hoc configuration management to Puppet.

This site is powered by Yesod, a Haskell web framework. It is running on digital ocean for $5 a month.

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