Here are some projects I've started or been a part of.


    Online pomodoro timer. It is written in Elm. I eventually want to rewrite it using GHCJS.

  • Keter module for Puppet

    A puppet module for installing Keter. I am using this on the machine hosting this blog.

  • nixpkgs

    I am the maintainer for a couple nix packages, including the IME fcitx and the terminal roxterm.

  • my dotfiles

    A collection of my dotfiles and some scripts/tools I use on Linux.


Presentations I've given.

  • Git Commits and Branches (Japanese)

    An explanation of how branches and commits work behind the scenes of Git. The contents of .git/ are looked at in depth. The source for the presentation can be found here.

  • Haskell Type Families

    An explanation of type families in Haskell. Explains what kind of problems type families let us solve. Also explains the relationship between type families and functional dependencies. The source for the presentation can be found here. It is also available in Japanese.

Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks I've given. Lightning talks are generally short presentations that take less than 5 minutes to give.


Other media about things I've done.